Here is the start of something NEW and NOW!

 Bohemians stand out in a crowd representing a colorful counterculture based on creativity and an indifference to social structures and traditions.

To be a Bohemian there exists the yearning for individual freedom, the rejection of modern materialistic concepts, trying to make the dream of utopian ideals a reality.

Bohemian style has evolved into a cult of the individual, a person whose very appearance is a work of art and having the mind of arcane enlightenment.

Be a Queen of the Boheme - Let your true self expression shine forth.

Hey Beautiful, first time ive attempted a blog post forgive me as Im writing this on my phone but it should come naturally after many a year of dear diary entries on cafe serviettes.  Soooo what is this site about?  Firstly its my honest and humble attempt at offering an alternative to the established commercial enterprises out there. Do I want to promote tits hanging out and booty implant mini skirts so short that we show what we had for breakfast?  No I think not. Theres nudist colonies for that exposure lol.  My aim is to build this site into something that extinguishes conformist thinking by way of offering a broad spectrum of products and services that enhances personal growth.  I am starting with a clothing range which will move into products i personally endorse from 3D printed yoga mats to hemp oil and spiritual retreats in Bali where I live and globally. I hope to create a community of like minded Queens who own themselves and have full conscious awareness of who they are and hope to encourage you all to be great rocks thrown into this pool of existence to create harmonious change internally which will reflect externally into spectacular rippling effects. We are living in tremendous times of exponential growth and any way I can assist in this global evolution I embrace with open arms.

Our lives are precious and we need to celebrate our shortlived existance on this material plane into a life of unconditional love unto all sentient beings. Thru the platform of Queen of Boheme, I will be promoting the vegan diet with recipes and articles of intrest thru to life coaches, spiritual practices and clean green living via all of you who choose to participate in this unified conscious field as the all powerful Feminine. I am Woman and hear us Roar.  Lets gather together to reclaim our noble birthright by joining as One in this on line community. Love to all of you Soul Sisters out there.  Im building the website Queen of Boheme as we speak and hope to create a team who will assist me in building a solid online presence and this store is just the beginning of greater more worthwhile things to follow.  Peace wholeheartedly to you all reading this. Lara van Osenbruggen xxxx